It was the first time that we met

How can I forget

The moment that you stepped into the room
You took my breath away

La musica vibro y e Ilanos unio

And if God is willing
we will meet again some day

Mijn eigen handige tips / My own tips & tricks

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9) Spaans leren! Echte aanrader is Versión Original *: goed, betrokken, kleine klasjes en heel erg betaalbaar! En midden in het centrum (om de hoek bij Placa Catalunya)! Learn Spanish here at the best language school in Barcelona! (*mail me voordat je een cursus gaat volgen voor eventuele kortingsacties!/send me a mail before you start a course for a possible discount!)

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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Algemene Tips & Tricks / General Tips & Tricks

A few days ago I received an e-mail concerning general tips about Barcelona. Although I have some at the right side of my blog, I´ll give you here some more:

* Make sure you never leave anything of value on the table at a restaurant/bar/terrace cause they´ll rob you by putting a paper over the table, talking or asking you something stupid and when the robbers leave, they´ll take everything that was lying underneath!

* Barcelona is a noisy city. If you need a good night’s sleep then make sure you´ll book a room at the back of the building or take ear plugs with you!

* Only eat or drink something at The Ramblas, when you don´t mind paying high prices for lousy food and/or drinks. * You wanna eat/drink something at a typical Catalan place? Then ask a local or just take a side street of choose another, less famous, area!

* The fountains at Placa Espanya are really great, especially when you take some wine&tapas with you. Make sure you are on time to get a good place (at the stairs) and don´t forget a little blanket to keep your butt warm&soft.

* Are you looking for a flat? Don´t expect double windows and heating in most apartments. And be prepared that most are already furnished! And I think I don´t need to tell you never to pay just to see a flat...

* Short on money? Around midnight you´ll find half way The Ramblas (close to Placa Real) people handing out flyers with free entrance for most big discotheques. On there´s also a section “one-off jobs” with jobs just for a few hours or days.

* Be prepared that Barcelona is a walking city, so either take extra slippers with you and/or plasters. And some toilet paper for the road, cause most toilets in bars are quite dirty! Tired of walking? Taxi´s are quite cheap, but make sure you ask more or less what the price will be or ask a local. During the week it´s difficult to get a taxi after midnight (and on Fridays after 02.00; save money by taking the metro on Saturdays - all night long - or the night bus). This is because the metro doesn´t work between 24 – 05 during the week.

* Looking for a job? Make sure you have your NIE-number, a bank account number and a Social Security number. And no knowledge of Spanish? Then type at “english” (or “Dutch” or “German”) at “Palabra clave” and choose at “Provincia” “Barcelona”. Good luck!

* Don´t be surprised when you have an appointment with some one and you need to wait minimum half an hour. The Spanish mentality isn´t that strict with time, so when you´re late, they also don´t mind that much. Doctors and hospitals are the worst: be prepared by bringing something to read.

* No hablas castellano? Start a conversation with a smile and a few Spanish/Catalan words and then it´s much easier to get someone talking English to you.

Want to learn Spanish for a very good price? Go to Versión Original. I took classes there for a few years: there are committed, have small groups and are very affordable!

* What´s going on in the city?
Check, also in english. And how to get around in the city? Check, in english as well!

* Barcelona is getting a bicycle city, it is already the perfect way to transport and it is getting even better, more and better roads and more parkings. Rent or buy a bike but don´t forget to lock the bike and seat really good with strong locks they can´t cut trough. (Thanks Maurice!) Or get a contract @ bicing.

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